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The Learning Center is designed to teach you everything about shipping. Start with basic classes and end with expert level knowledge.

Beginner Classes

Shipping 101

Shipping 101:

Intro to Shipping

You need to get your product from point A to point B, and there are a number of carriers that can help with that. We'll cover the basics about shipping including address, insurance, requesting pickups, to tracking and monitoring.

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Shipping 102

Shipping 102:

Your Packaging Responsibilities

Packaging your items seems simple enough, but ensuring that a shipment's contents are sufficiently insulated from impacts and other sources of damage is an important step in the shipping process.

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Shipping 103

Shipping 103:

Weight? Dimensional Weight? Billable Weight?

In shipping, weight, dimensional weight, and billable weight all have different but important meanings. We'll explain their importance in this lesson.

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Shipping 104

Shipping 104:

How to prevent packages from getting lost

Your first priority should be to eliminate avoidable issues such as losses and delays. Whether it's eventually found or not, a lost package typically results in substantial delays.

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Shipping 105

Shipping 105:

How to reduce your shipping costs

Shipping iss becoming a bigger part of small businesses than ever before and there's only one thing that's more important than that: free shipping.

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Shipping 106

Shipping 106:

Reducing risk of delays

When you ship, you're depending on the carrier to get your box to its destination on time. While there will always be unexpected delays, there are some things you can do to cut down on that risk.

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Shipping 107

Shipping 107:

What can and cannot be shipped

Most items can be shipped without any issues, but each carrier has a set of things they either restrict or prohibit entirely.

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Shipping 108

Shipping 108:


Tracking is a great way to stay updated on your package's progress, but how exactly does it work?

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Intermediate Classes

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