Canada Post Tracking Guide: How Do Canada Post Tracking Numbers Work

Explanation on how CanadaPost Tracking works

For the novice and first-time online business owners, shipping practices and options are one of the challenging parts to deal with customers. That's why tracking is so important.

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by David Hamann

Jun 1, 2019

Key Points

  • Learn how to track your Canada Post package using tracking numbers, delivery notice cards, or reference numbers.
  • Handle potential problems like damage or undelivered items with Canada Post by filing claims or contacting support.
  • Use the Learning Centre for Shipping to get a better understanding of shipping practices for beginners.
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For the novice and first-time online business owners, shipping practices and options are one of the challenging parts to deal with customers.

Being faced with various options as well as a number of large organizations which deal with your parcels is a tricky process. However, with a little more effort, any information such as handling your Canada Post tracking number is now easier.

How to Track Your Canada Post Package?

There are various ways and options you can choose to track your package. Depending on which is much more convenient for you, you can comfortably choose either of these methods. This included tracking using your tracking number, by the notice card, and reference number. Here is a guide on how to properly do it:

1. Tracking With Your Tracking Number

Canada Post Tracking Number is the number or code of the package which can be found posted on your receipt or package. It comprises of either 16 numeric digits or a combination of 13 digits and characters.
  • Step One: In the tracking number box, enter the tracking number which can be found on your receipt or directly on your package.

  • Step Two: Press the ‘Track’ button to proceed and see results. If you wish to track another package, exit the page and re-do the step.

2. Tracking With Delivery Notice Card

The notice card number can be easily found on the notification card which was sent to you through your mail. Delivery notice card numbers usually consist of 15 numbers.

  • Step One: On the tracking page, select the option to track By Delivery Notice Card Number.

  • Step Two: Enter the delivery notice card number on the indicated box

  • Step Three: Press the ‘Track’ button to continue and wait for few seconds to see the results.

3. Tracking With Reference Number

Reference numbers are provided with shippers and since it is provided with shippers, there are instances wherein it can be duplicated. To avoid confusion when tracking using your reference number, make sure to input a date range.

  • Step One: In the tracking page, select the option to By Reference Number

  • Step Two: In the specified box, enter the reference number which you obtained from your shipper

  • Step Three: Don’t forget to set the date during which the package was shipped

  • Step Four: Select the ‘Track’ button to proceed and view results

Tracking your package with Canada Post is as easy as A-B-C. However, there are other Canada Post alternatives which you can also choose for your convenience. Switching carriers is not that complex and complicated as how most of us normally perceive it to be.

Furthermore, other alternatives also offer a more comprehensive guide on how to easily track your shipments. If you wanted to learn more about it, Shipping 108: How Courier Tracking Works is a simple and comprehensive guide especially for beginners.

Handling Potential Problem With Your Shipment

Problems such as delay, loss, and damage on your shipment with Canada Post are just possible to occur. Learning how to deal and efficiently manage such situations is also one of the essential things you need to know.

1. Damage Package

In the event of damage on your parcel, as a customer, you should immediately inform your seller to initiate a claim. On the other hand, if you are the seller, you may immediately file a claim.Canada Post Contactdetails can be easily found on their official websites. You may also personally visit any ofCanada Post Locationsand branches. For domestic shipments, it is essential that your parcel was shipped within 90 days and 6 months for international shipment.

What You Can Do

You may file a claim for your damaged parcel and items. However, before you do so, make sure to prepare the following requirements:

  • Canada Post tracking number
  • Ensure that your item is not included in the non-insurable items
  • Verification of your item which was shipped within 90 days for domestic and 6 months for international shipment
  • Locate the receiver’s details
  • Description of your parcel’s contents

2. Undelivered Item

The standard Canada Post delivery times vary depending on the distance. For locals, it may take up to two days, three days for provincial, and five days for national.

What You Can Do

Track your package using the online tracking tool. If after doing so, your package is not found, consider calling support, via theCanada Post Tracking Number directly.


The Bottom Line

Learning how to properly locate yourCanada Post tracking is a way to securely keep an eye on your item. For beginners, there are Learning Centre for Shipping - The Complete Beginner’s guide to shipping which can be helpful for a better understanding.

Thus, if you have any questions and inquiries about shipping policies, it is now easier for you. This is crucial especially if you are just starting up.

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