How to ship Worldwide from Canada

We've created a comprehensive shipping guide to help you ship your parcels effectively worldwide while helping keep your shipping cost low and more affordable. Each article below will cover customs rules and regulations, what you can and cannot be shipped, international documents required, duty & taxes, and a lot of other good information. We'll even help you find the cheap and discounted shipping options for your business.

The information contained in these guides comes directly from government sources like Customs Border Protection (CBP) and other applicable Government sites.

Shipping to China

With a population of 1.3 billion people, China has the world’s largest eCommerce market. In fact, 50% of global eCommerce sales are made by Chinese consumers and the numbers are growing year after year.

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Shipping to England

The ecommerce industry has been driving much of the retail sales growth in the UK in recent years, with around 80% of the UK population buying online at least once every year.

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Shipping to the United States

The eCommerce industry continues to grow and grow in the US and shows no sign of slowing down. By 2022, the retail ecommerce sales are expected to reach well in excess of $700.5 billion dollars.

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Shipping to New Zealand

As of 2017, only 40% of Kiwis shopped online, however they are rapidly coming into the modern era with the expectation of doubling the value of their e-commerce spending in the next three years.

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Shipping to Australia

Close to 80% of Australians use ecommerce for domestic purchases. While the number is far less for international purchases (21% in 2017), it is increasing at rates of 7%-plus per year. This is because Australians are keen to take advantage of wider selections and cheaper prices available from overseas suppliers. This guide will help you get cheap shipping to Australia.

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Shipping to France

Is there a more fabulous place than France? Mais non! The winding roads, the hidden vineyards and a beautiful, expensive cottage designed so Marie Antoinette could see 'how the other half live'. Shipping from Canada to France just got a whole lot easier and cheaper thanks to this complete shipping guide.

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