UPS Tracking Numbers Guide: How does UPS Tracking Numbers work in Canada

More details on how UPS tracking works

Whether you are sending or receiving a package, UPS tracking provides insights for you to view the status of your shipment.

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by David Hamann

Jun 5, 2019

Key Points

  • Proper tracking is crucial for shipments.
  • Online UPS tracking provides efficient monitoring.
  • Guidance on handling lost, damaged, or uncollected packages.
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When it comes to shipping, tracking your package and learning how to properly do it is essential. Most of the beginners and novice users are usually confused and do not know what to do after the package has been sent. Most people prefer to wait until their package finally arrives before questions whether or not the package has been sent.

Whether you are sending or receiving a package, UPS tracking provides insights for you to view the status of your shipment.

There are various ways on how to properly use UPS Tracking Canada Furthermore, learning its other benefits and functions will also help in handling potential future problems.

Why You Should Follow Your UPS Tracking Numbers

  1. Monitor for Unexpected Delays
  2. Monitor for Damage
  3. Monitor for Loss of Parcels

How to Use UPS Tracking Online

Tracking UPS has already made easy for most clients and existing consumers. Its online tracking tool services is one of the most efficient ways to view the status of your shipment. Here are a few helpful ways on how online UPS Tracking tool can be helpful for you:

  • It reschedules a delivery or holds it for pickup depending on which is more convenient for you
  • You may plan ahead for shipments which need a signature upon arrival
  • You can get email updates on the current status of your shipment
  • You can easily download a record or proof of delivery

Tracking Your Package

UPS Tracking offers various ways to track your package. This is made to fit for your preference and convenience.

1. By Reference

When creating a shipment, you may later on track it by reference. The reference number is just like a purchase order number which contains up to 35 characters.

2. By History

On your UPS account, you may store up to 50 tracking numbers. You may track each of it by going through your Tracking history table. It is also where you can add or change a shipment description for a quick reference.

There are also other more Canada Post alternatives which you can use other than UPS Canada Tracking. However, each alternative has also different and various ways and practices. Learning them in just a single blow is not possible. Thus, Shipping 108: How Courier Tracking Works is the best guide for you to get an in-depth understanding of it.

how courier tracking works

Potential Problems With UPS Shipment

Although UPS offers various tips on how to prevent damage or loss of items, there are still a few cases that unfortunately happens. In case of loss, damage, and uncollected delivery of your package, you may start a claim for your package.

1. Loss of Package

For loss package, you may file a claim it has not been received within 24 hours of the expected delivery date. If you are a buyer, contact your seller immediately to make a claim. For sellers, the UPS customer service is open 8 am to 8pm EST to accommodate you with your concerns.

2. Package Damaged in Transit

For damage package, both the shipper and the receiver may take a claim.

3. Unable to Collect Cash On Delivery

For uncollected CODs, this also means that the funds are not paid to the seller. Only the shipper can report this under the uncollected COD claim.

For a more helpful guide, Learning Centre for Shipping - The Complete Beginner’s to Advanced Shipping Guide is a comprehensible material to start on. Especially for first-timers, this guide will significantly help them with the different ways on how shipping works. It will also clear up any confusion they had on mind.

The Bottom Line

Learning how UPS Tracking number works in Canada is a good thing both for shippers and receivers to know. Knowing their functions and practices will save you from possible future troubles. Furthermore, it will save more effort and is more convenient on your part. Thus, take time to know more about shipping and other shipping alternatives.

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