Shipping delays are expected as people look to shipping during time of covid


Expect things to be very busy, delays to occur, and time to resolve issues significantly longer with all carriers.  Secureship recommends that you:

  • Ship your parcels far earlier than normal
  • Double-check that the parcel is addressed correctly
  • Request a signature so packages won’t be left alone on porches
  • Ensure you package your items really well

Shipping During COVID

COVID-19 has dramatically increased shipping volumes and has caused delivery delays as though it is the peak shipping period every day. As a result, carriers have instituted surcharges and extra handling fees to meet the demand (for details, see our article Peak Period Surcharges).

The most challenging time of year for shipping is the holiday season, caused largely by an increased volume of gifts and parcels sent to families and friends. But 2020 will be unique. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in every country. So, this year’s Christmas surge will make it ever more demanding to get your shipment from your hands to the recipient’s without delay or worry.

If you think you know how long it takes to ship your parcels, think again. You may not believe what the carriers are telling us about the effects of COVID are on shipping delays.

To give you one example, the projected volumes for 2029 are here now. This means shipping today is like shipping during the year’s peak season – in some cases a jump of 100%! That’s what we expect during the period of Black Friday to just after Christmas. Delays will be inevitable.

To cope with this dramatic increase of volumes, all carriers have added surcharges and handling fees, which is normal during peak periods; however, this year they have instituted them much earlier than normal. 

What are the Risks to my Shipments?

  • Warehouses shutting down due to a COVID outbreak
  • Carriers overwhelmed with resolutions and volumes 
  • Bad weather causes additional delays
  • Packages stolen by porch pirates

All of these could cause your shipments to be late.

What Should You Do? 

  • Ship much earlier than normal, if at all possible
  • Ensure the recipient’s address is correct – include the suite number, buzzer code, or other specific identifier
  • Request a signature so packages won’t be left alone on porches
  • Add extra padding to fragile packages


During COVID we’ve all learned to be more patient, so Stay Calm and Ship Early.

About the author: Dan Allard

About the author

Dan Allard is a marketing specialist, guitar player, and father living in The Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In his free time he’s usually reading business and marketing blogs, watching Shark Tank, or pretending he’s Iron Man because he has an Amazon Echo. He also enjoys finding great deals online and finding ways to reduce shipping costs.

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About Secureship

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