How much does FedEx charge to ship from Canada to England?

How much does FedEx charge to ship from Canada to England?

FedEx’s charge for a shipment from Canada to England is not a fixed value.

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by Paul Bourque

Mar 21, 2024

Key Points

  • FedEx offers two services - International Priority and International Economy.
  • Parcel's size, weight, and destination affect shipping fees.
  • Secureship provides easy online platform and comprehensive support.
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How much does FedEx charge to ship from Canada to England?

FedEx’s shipping charges for a shipment from Canada to England are dependent on several factors, which makes it difficult to give a simple answer to this question. How soon do you want it to arrive in England? How heavy is the parcel? Do you require insurance or Saturday delivery? The answers to these questions will affect the shipment’s cost. And to help you navigate the intricacies of shipping from Canada to England, Canada’s Secureship will save you time and money whether you use FedEx or another carrier.

Table of Contents

  • FedEx Services to England
  • How Big and Heavy is the Parcel?
  • Secureship’s Services
  • Conclusion

FedEx Services to England

FedEx offers two main parcel shipping services from Canada to England as shown below:

  • FedEx International Priority: A quick delivery of 1 to 3 business days
  • FedEx International Economy: A cost-effective option promising delivery from 4 to 6 business days

Please note that these are general estimates and will be affected by the specific locations in Canada and England. As Canada has a vast landmass, someone wishing to ship from its far north, for example, should expect to add a day or two to parcel travel times, and of course with that higher shipping fees.

How Big and Heavy is the Parcel?

No one is surprised that a heavier parcel costs more to deliver than a lighter one; and often, heavier shipments require larger boxes, which also could lead to higher shipping costs, and the reason for that is the shipment’s billable weight.

Billable weight

Billable weight is a calculated value. And without getting into the calculations, it means that two shipments with the same weight but in different sized boxes, could result in a higher shipping fee for the larger box. Think about it as though you were to ship one kilogram of feathers and compare it to the price to ship a one kilogram brick.

Oversize parcels

Carriers assess an oversize fee if a container is heavier or larger than a prescribed value. For FedEx and UPS, that applies to shipments greater than 68 kg in weight; and UPS also specifies that if the container is longer than 2.74 m, it is deemed oversized. The consequence in either case is that UPS will impose a fee of $1,100 CAD on that shipment, which during peak shipping periods (Christmastime) could increase to $1,550 CAD.

Secureship’s Services

Secureship’s services can help anyone’s shipping needs be it for personal or professional purposes. With our easy to use online platform, customers can compare a range of shipping times, prices, and carriers for their parcel(s) that best suits their budgetary requirements. And all it takes is a few minutes on your computer.

In addition, our website provides support via a Guru bot and an array of articles and blogs on numerous topics – country-specific shipping guides, proper packaging, duties and taxes, paperwork, and a host of other subjects.


FedEx’s charge for a shipment from Canada to England is not a fixed value. It varies based on which service you select, i.e. how soon you wish the parcel to arrive; the size and weight of the parcel – which is determined in part by its billable weight, and if it exceeds certain limits (68 kg or 2.74 m), an oversize fee will apply; as well, during peak shipping seasons, for example, Christmastime, rates also rise. And to assist you with your shipments, remember Secureship, which is free to join with no monthly minimum required.

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