Sep 24
2018 Canada Post Strike and some shipping alternatives
With another CanadaPost Strike looming over the horizon, there are some great shipping alternatives that simply can't be ignored. [Read More]

Dec 11
Last day to ship your packages in time for the 2017 Holidays
With e-commerce becoming so popular and the huge trend of online shopping, there are a few things you should really know about getting your packages delivered in time for the holidays. Ensure you know the last day to ship for Christmas 2017 [Read More]

Nov 22
Today, Secureship celebrates 10 years helping businesses reduce their shipping expenses
Today we turn 10 years old and we couldn't have made it without you. To show our appreciation, we’ll be running a giveaway for the next 10 days. [Read More]

Oct 16
Packaging and Insuring valuables prior to shipping
Making sure your goods are well-protected during shipping is always important, but when valuables are involved, you want to be completely sure that you’re doing everything you can to get them to their destination securely [Read More]

Oct 9
Use a shipping calculator to get shipping estimates with multiple carriers all at once
If you own a small or mid-size ecommerce business your time is probably devoted to the development of your storefront, product management, and finding new customers. Chances are focusing on the complexities of shipping is not on your priority list. [Read More]

Sep 18
It can be difficult to find the cheapest rate to ship your package if you're a small business. We'll show you how to make that easier.
Unless you ship hundreds of packages a day, you probably fall under the “small business shipper” category. So how you can get the best shipping rates for your small business if you don't ship very much? [Read More]

Sep 4
A Beginner’s Guide to International Shipping including ways to reduce the cost of shipping
The thought of shipping your items internationally can seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before. The process of sending packages to another country is much more complex than sending packages domestically. You may be wondering, “is there a way I can ship internationally that’s both cost-effective and time efficient?” [Read More]

Aug 28
Should I provide free return shipping on products that I sell?
More than ever, online retailers are offering free shipping on returns for their customers. In fact, about 49% of retailers offer free return shipping. But how can this be achieved when companies are struggling with tightening margins? [Read More]

Aug 21
How to set shipping prices for your eCommerce Store
When starting an online store, determining how to charge your customers for shipping can be a difficult decision. We'll show you some important considerations for determining how to come up with shipping prices for your store. [Read More]

Aug 11
cheapest international shipping, international shipping rates
While international shipping isn’t cheap, offering it to your customers can greatly increase your sales. Of course, the cost of international shipping can cut significantly into your margins. So how do you find the best option that works for your business? [Read More]