Jun 28
What alternatives do you have to Canada Post? We'll show youshipping alternatives to Canada Post during the strike
Looking for a shipping alternative to Canada Post? We can help. See prices through a variety of carriers and save up to 50% on the list shipping price! [Read More]

Dec 1
2015 Holiday Hours for FedEx, UPS, PTC, and Secureship
To help you plan ahead during the busiest time of the year, we put together the holiday shipping schedule for UPS, FedEx, PTC, and Secureship. [Read More]

Every year, the published shipping rates for the major carrier changes. Find out what you can expect to pay in 2016. [Read More]

If you are like me, then you often rely on friends when looking up a new place to eat or a movie to watch on the weekend. [Read More]

Sep 29
Using Sendly as multi-carrier shipping solution for your Shopify store can greatly reduce your workload.
E-commerce has changed things with regards to customer experience. When a customer drops something into their virtual ‘cart’, many things can happen to disrupt payment. One major transaction destroyer is the price of shipping. [Read More]

Fragile items are extremely…fragile! If I’m bothering to take my chances to ship it, then it is for good reason. It is something I want the receiver to have, and I need to know it will be OK from beginning, middle to end. [Read More]

The commercial invoice is one of the most important export documents. How you complete it can affect how much duty and tax you pay and can also affect how long it takes to clear at the border. [Read More]

A simple mistake or a rush job on the commercial invoice can delay your shipment at the border. Or worse, it can cause your customer to pay more duties and taxes. [Read More]

You've spent hundreds of man hours getting your RFP ready. If it's delivered even 1 min late, all that time and money goes to waste and you're no longer eligible to win that big contract. So how do you ensure your RFP gets delivered on time once you've shipped it? [Read More]

Whereas a trapeze artist uses a safety net for protection, what are my options when sending something I consider valuable to ensure against damage and/or loss? Is insurance my safety net? [Read More]