About Us

It all started when two friends were talking over coffee at a local cafe when one mentioned how painful it was to ship. Tasks were repetitive and done by hand, technology in the industry was nonexistent. You never knew exactly how much you would be charged. Even when you could get a quote, the final price was always more than you expected and littered with hidden fees. They decided they wanted to change all of that and from there, the idea of Secureship was born.

Secureship was created Nov 22nd, 2007. Today, Secureship services thousands of customer across Canada and reduces shipping complexity, surprises, costs, and amount of time spent on shipping for all of them. Our customers have saved millions due to our group buying power and price comparison tools. Shipping is now done in a fraction of the time with customers experiencing 85% less issues with their shipments thanks to our services, tools and technology.

Shipping truck with boxes that moves around the world.

Our Team

Meet some of our all-star cast that help make Secureship a truly exceptional company

  • Sandy A

    Sandy A

  • Daniel W

    Daniel W

  • Khaled A

    Khaled A

  • Ross Q

    Ross Q

  • Allan V

    Allan V

  • Carlos E

    Carlos E

  • Muneeb A

    Muneeb A

  • Shamim H

    Shamim H

  • Taimur A

    Taimur A

  • Mintesnot Y

    Mintesnot Y

  • Paul B

    Paul B

  • Irina G

    Irina G

Very happy customers

See what others are saying

Hana Pika
CIO & VP of IT

Secureship not only improved the efficiency of our shipping but also reduced our overall costs. Add in top-notch customer service and in-depth shipping expertise and our shipping experience has dramatically improved since switching to Secure ship!

Dean Smith
Manager, Information Technology

Secureship has reduced our costs and saved us a great deal of time. We no longer have to visit multiple websites to compare costs and everything is tracked from one location. The Secure ship team provides valuable customer support allowing our team to focus on our core business.

Mike Kelland
President & CEO

Simply amazing! Secureship made shipping super simple and slick - love it!

Kat Gracie
Marketing Events Manager

Shipping across borders can get tricky, but when we work with Secureship I feel confident. If you value cost savings and excellent service, Secureship goes above and beyond. I highly recommend them.