Shipping News

Shipping News

Ever stay up late at night thinking all things shipping? Me either.

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by Nadine Hogan

Jul 21, 2014

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  • Secureship tackles late-night shipping concerns, providing insights on costs, packaging, insurance, and border delays.
  • With seven years of experience, Secureship not only calculates the cheapest shipping rates but also launches a blog for cost-cutting solutions.
  • Secureship aims to overhaul your shipping experience, offering solutions for cost-saving and efficient shipping. Sign up today!
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Shipping News Ever stay up late at night thinking all things shipping?

Me either.

But on the other hand, I have spent many seconds, minutes and hours wondering where in the world something I shipped is. I’ve also wondered why it cost me $40 to ship something worth $15, and why that ‘overnight’ delivery service arrives at my door three days later without explanation or apology. I have wondered a lot about shipping when something is in transit and I am the sender or the anxiously awaiting receiver.

Regardless if you are someone who has just shipped their nephew a birthday present, or a small company trying to save money in hopes of adding one more person to the payroll next year, Secureship is here to make your life a little easier. Not only can we help save you time and money by calculating the cheapest shipping rates for you, but also after seven years in business we are now launching this blog so you have somewhere to go for answers to those typical questions:

How can I cut my shipping costs?

Should I wrap that box in overwrap (shipping paper) before sending?

What will courier insurance actually cover?

Is there a way to reduce border delays so my business can be better streamlined?

At Secureship we not only want to help you and/or your business save time and money, we want to partner with you to overhaul your entire shipping experience. You know that saying, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”? Well, go ahead - sign up now and do just that!

About the author: Nadine Hogan

About the author

Nadine Hogan is a writer, blogger, yoga teacher and dessert lover living in Ottawa, Ontario. While she loves to send her nephews their Christmas and birthday presents from Ottawa to Calgary, she also loves to save money doing so. This shipping-made-easier information is what she shares, and as she continues to learn more she'll spread the word!
About Secureship

About Secureship

Secureship® offers an online service that helps businesses and organizations ship more efficiently and affordably.

Providing instant price shopping across multiple carriers, Secureship is the best choice for reduced rate shipping. In addition, Secureship offers benefits such as a consolidated shipping system regardless of the carrier you choose, built-in address book, convenient invoicing and shipment management.

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