Purolator Shipping Alternatives

Purolator Shipping Alternatives

With Purolator receiving 72hrs strike notice, what can you do to prepare yourself? Find alternatives that can save you up to 50% on the regular price of shipping.

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by Nadine Hogan

Mar 28, 2017

Key Points

  • With Purolator strike threats, consider alternative shipping options like UPS, FedEx, CanadaPost, CanPar, and others.
  • Simplify the process by comparing shipping costs across multiple carriers with Secureship, offering up to 50% off list shipping prices.
  • Benefits of using a multi-carrier shipping system include cost savings, quicker delivery options, centralized shipment management, and easy carrier switching in case of issues.
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Purolator Strike

Have you ever taken a road trip and realized not only how large our beautiful country is, but also how small and remote some places can be?

Purolator Strike

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Most people forget how big Canada is. Now think logistically for a moment – you have a time-sensitive shipment that you need delivered by next business day and it isn’t going to a major Canadian city.

How would you ship it?

Chances are, you would ship your packages with Purolator.  Purolator has positioned itself as the strongest, next day delivery company of packages within Canada.  With their ability to deliver packages by 9am, 10:30am, or end of next business day to more cities, towns, and villages than any other company, it makes Purolator a very attractive shipping option for your urgent domestic shipments. Being owned 91% by CanadaPost must certainly help with that.

So what do you do if Purolator threatens to go on strike?

Purolator threatens

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With Purolator Teamsters getting a 97.4% vote authorizing strike action and issuing 72 hrs strike notice on Mar 26th, 2017, a strike is very real possibility.  Purolator has even stopped accepting new packages ahead of the strike deadline (scheduled for 4:30 pm on Wed Mar 29th, 2017).  Luckily, there are a number of other shipping options we can draw from to keep business moving! :-)

Alternatives to Shipping with Purolator

There are plenty of companies in Canada that can help you deliver your packages domestically or worldwide. Over the years, UPS and FedEx have invested millions in improving their delivery network in Canada and continue to do so. They offer a variety of delivery options including 9am, 10:30am, 12pm and next business day service to many locations throughout Canada.

There are also a number of other companies to choose from including CanadaPost, CanPar, Dicom, Loomis, DHL, and not to mention the countless number of local couriers. But let’s face it – you’ve used Purolator for ever, you’ve figured out how they work, and you know their numbers off by heart. Having to learn all that again, figuring out which company provides the best price and to where, how long parcels will take to get delivered – this can be overwhelming, let alone time consuming. And we’re all busy people.

The Solution?

The Expedia for Shipping

You go to sites like Expedia or Trivago to compare and get the best deal on flights.  Why not compare shipping costs across multiple carriers by using Secureship?  The added bonus is that by shipping your packages through Secureship, you get access to the Secureship group buying power saving you up to 50% off the list shipping price.  Don’t believe us? See for yourself by getting yourself a shipping quote.

Snapshot of rate comparison

What are the benefits of using a multi-carrier shipping system?

With access to multiple courier companies, you can now instantly see who has the best prices, quickest delivery options, and how every company compares for your shipment. You also benefit from having only one centralized place for all your shipments – history, tracking, scheduling pickups, and even your address books (who wants to try and maintain an address book with several carriers?). Without a doubt, you’ll save your hard earned money and your precious time.

Shipping Alternatives to Purolator

The real benefit of a solution like this? If a courier company goes on strike or continues to have delivery issues with your packages, switching carriers is as easy as a click of a button.

So why not get started and see how much you can save on shipping? https://secureship.ca

About the author: Nadine Hogan

About the author

Nadine Hogan is a writer, blogger, yoga teacher and dessert lover living in Ottawa, Ontario. While she loves to send her nephews their Christmas and birthday presents from Ottawa to Calgary, she also loves to save money doing so. This shipping-made-easier information is what she shares, and as she continues to learn more she'll spread the word!
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