Today, Secureship celebrates 10 years helping businesses reduce their shipping expenses

Today we turn 10 years old!  Wow, incredible how time flies when you’re having fun!  What started as an idea between friends has grown to a service that helps thousands of customers across Canada save millions of dollars. Not to mention our customers experience 85% fewer shipping issues.

10 Days of giveaways

We truly couldn’t have done it without the support of YOU, our loyal customers. As a thank you, we are inviting you to join us as we celebrate this 10 year milestone.  We will be running a giveaway starting today for the next 10 days. That’s 10 days of giveaways, one for each year in business!  Cue the band! Oh wait, we don’t have a band. Maybe next big birthday.

How to participate

If you’re a Secureship customers that has shipped at least one package since we started, you’re automatically entered.   For that, you get a ballot and are automatically entered for each of the daily prizes.  In fact, for every year you’ve been a customer, you get an additional ballot to increase your chances of winning.

How it works

Every day during the giveaway, we’ll be drawing ballots at random until all that day’s giveaways have been.. well.. given away!   Ballots that you have or that you’ve accumulated are carried over to the next day until the final prize. After that, we talk about how fun that was and take advantage of the early Christmas.  

How do you increase your chances to win?


Send a shipment through Secureship

5 ballots per shipment


Follow us Twitter, Facebook, G+, or LinkedIn

1 ballot per platform


Like, share, retweet, or comment on a social post

1 ballot per interaction


Every year you’ve been a Secureship customer

1 ballot for each year


Refer a business or a friend

3 ballots per referral (details below)

Prize Details

All of this begs the question: what can I win? The prizes will be announced the day of each draw, so remember to check in daily! The prizes will include gift cards for various amounts to restaurants and entertainment businesses as well as credits you can use right here on Secureship.

Day 1: $10 Tim Horton's Gift Card (Qty: 20)

Day 2: $20 Secureship Gift Card (Qty: 10)

Day 3: $15 Subway Gift Card (Qty: 10)

Day 4: $25 Cineplex Gift Card (Qty: 5)

Day 5: $10 Starbucks Gift Card (Qty: 15)

Day 6: 10% off your next Secureship (Qty: 5)

Day 7: $20 Tim Horton's Gift Card (Qty: 5)

Day 8: $25 Secureship Gift Card (Qty: 10)

Day 9: $20 Apple Gift Card (Qty: 10)

Day 10: $100 Keg Gift Card + $25 Cineplex Movie Card + 10% off your next invoice (Qty: 1)

Have I won?

The winners from each day will be posted on our social media accounts at various times throughout the day and also on this page so check back daily!

Day 1 Winners:

Suresh R
Stephane D
Dayna P
Sheila I
Mercedes C
Igor K
Randy C
Carlos A
Elham A
Liz C
Jason H
Di Z.
Dana Z
Steve M
Kevin M
Glenn A
Cara L
Joseph C
Christopher F
Diana S

+ 1 Bonus for most enthusiastic social media-er: Penny C.  Nice job!

Day 2 Winners:

Henry F
Al S
Suneet S
Kyle V
Jason L
Elyse W
Richard M
Richard F
George B
Geoff G

+ 1 Bonus for most enthusiastic social media-er: Scott W.  Nice job!

Day 3 Winners:

Greg B
Andy F
Line L
Tina F
Eugene B
Jacqueline F
Chris L
Brenda L
Juan J
Nadine G

+ 2 Bonus for most enthusiastic social media-er: Greg M & Vivian M.  Nice job!

Day 4 Winners:

Pegi C
Frank R
Dhaval P
Dean S
Jason P
Inna B

+ 1 Bonus for most enthusiastic social media-er: Laureen M.  Nice job!

Day 5 Winners:

Yaniv K
Daniel S
Zaur P
Juan T
Cheryl A
Alma C
Sandra P
Christophe L
Susan M
Lara S
Kim E
Andre D
Sherrie T
Andrew D
Janice S

+ 1 Bonus for most enthusiastic social media-er: Lisa L.  Nice job!

Day 6 Winners:

Meg B
David P
James L
Tania R
Kevin F
Kimberly G

+ 1 Bonus for most enthusiastic social media-er: Cynthia B.  Nice job!

Day 7 Winners:

Manikandan N
Michelle C
Vickie B
Melanie L
Wes B

+ 1 Bonus for most enthusiastic social media-er: Hana P.  Nice job!

Day 8 Winners:

Zobia S
Marilyn R
Jacynthe P
Roman K
Hayley E
Karen M
Colin C
Steven V
Shari M
Ali S

+ 1 Bonus for most enthusiastic social media-er: Karen G.  Nice job!

Day 9 Winners:

Yvette R
Hana H
Trevor S
Samuel S
Louise W
Anne L
Jonathon M
Nancy W
Charlie K
Kelly N

+ 1 Bonus for enthusiastic social media-ing: Jennifer J.  Nice job!

Day 10 Winners:

Susanna C

Thanks everyone for playing along!

Giveaway rules

Rules schmules… we find them boring.  But alas, some rules are necessary to keep things fair everyone

  • To be eligible to participate, you must have a Secureship account and created a shipment that has been received by one of the carrier’s on our system.

  • If you have already won a daily prize, you are only eligible for the final grand prize and none of the other daily prizes.

  • Only the shipments received by the carrier during the event are eligible for additional ballots.

  • Shipments created using your own carrier credentials aren’t eligible for additional ballots. You can check if you are setup on Carrier Accounts by clicking here.

  • Once the giveaway is over, your ballots expire.

  • When your referral signs up with Secureship, make sure they enter your account number in the “Referral Code” field or their entry won't count. ( )

  • Account must be in good standing.

Secure ship celebrates 10 years in business today

Good luck everyone, and THANKS again for a great 10 years!

Secureship Team

Important note: The giveaway for us is a way of celebrating 10 years in business and to thank you for being a part of that. Our hope is that this will be fun and interesting for anyone participating.  There may be situations unaccounted for that requires us to change the contest details for our mutual protection. We really hope we don’t need to ‘cause.. who wants to work on their birthday?

About the author: Sandy Ahluwalia

About the author

For the last 10 years, Sandy Ahluwalia has been heavily involved in the shipping industry. He has helped businesses with all their shipping needs from light weight courier packages to 100,000 lbs freight requiring multi-mode transportation. In his spare time, he likes to eat, read, play squash, visit friends, travel, and simply enjoy life.

About Secureship

About Secureship

Secureship® offers an online service that helps businesses and organizations ship more efficiently and affordably.

Providing instant price shopping across multiple carriers, Secureship is the best choice for reduced rate shipping. In addition, Secureship offers benefits such as a consolidated shipping system regardless of the carrier you choose, built-in address book, convenient invoicing and shipment management.

Visit our shipping estimate tool to see how much you can reduce your shipping expenses.