Loomis Canada Tracking Guide: How Do Loomis Tracking Numbers Work

How Loomis Tracking Works

Get insight into how Loomis Tracking works and get answers to frequently asked questions,

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by David Hamann

Jun 5, 2019

Key Points

  • Loomis tracks packages with handheld devices.
  • Tracking numbers are on waybills and parcels.
  • Contact Loomis for lost packages and use the drop-off locator.
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How do Loomis Tracking Numbers work in Canada?

Loomis tracking works by tracing and tracking your packages using the hand-held computers the drivers carry with them. Vital information about your shipments will be scanned at key locations as your shipment moves from one point to another. Essential Information regarding who received your package, what time it was received, the waybill number, parcel number and other important information regarding your package will be recorded.

You can check the progress using the ’Loomis Track Now’ application at the Loomis website.

First, add your tracking number associated with your package. There are two ways to track a package that is via the Loomis waybill or the parcel number. Both have no required format and is dependent on what the shipper fill in the reference number sheet.


  • Domestic tracking number: dom1234567
  • International tracking number example: manny12345yu

Where do I locate my Loomis Tracking Number?

Before shipping, a waybill must be filled out. Here you will find the mandatory field of the reference number and this will act as your Loomis tracking number (ex: thisismyackag132).

Loomis may use freight shipping (e.g. bus to rail to bus) while shipping your package while International shipping Loomis will track the package by recording information as it moves from one coast to another coast.

To use Loomis Tracking to track your package while it moves, go to their website and under Track Now you would be able to choose either via waybill or parcel number to track your package (e.g. waybill, reference number). It is possible to input a total of 25 Loomis waybill numbers separated by a comma.

Packages going into America will be using a Paps tracker. This helps with tracking your shipment through customs and makes going through faster and helps track information whether the shipping has been held at customs. Pars trackers are for shipments going through Canadian customs and have the same functions as Paps trackers.

What Happens If I have a problem with my Loomis Shipment?

For lost packages, it is advised that you call the Loomis customer support number (1-855-256-6674). Request a trace of the lost package, give customer service representative the Shipment description, serial number, model number, dimensions, colour, value and number of packages being traced.

A Letter of Intent to Claim for loss and any supporting documents needs to be submitted within nine months of the expected delivery date. To find the nearest branch the drop-off locator may also be used to locate any branches within your province. The National Office is located at.

Address Formatting Example

201 Blvd. Suite
Brampton, Ontario

What is the Loomis Delivery Times?

For a more precise schedule of the delivery times it is advised to check theLoomis drop-off locator for a complete list of the schedule of the branches in your selected province.

For important documents, unfortunately, Loomis has no same day delivery however they do have Loomis Domestic 9:00 and Loomis express 9:00 for the next day delivery.

In the off-chance that it’s been a busy week. Loomis express offers a Saturday delivery service within Canada to major centers for a fee of $16 per shipment. As of 2019, Loomis has released a new complete list of schedules for the holidays.

Major centers include (Vancouver, Calgary, Winniped, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Edmenton)

If by chance you have missed an incoming package a doorknocker will be left at your house. There will be a specific number on it and you can go to your nearest Loomis branch to get your shipment or you can re-schedule a delivery.

How do I ship international packages with Loomis?

To ship an international package using Loomis you will need two main documents, Customs Invoice for non-commercial shipping (not-payed) and a Commercial Invoice (Paid shipping).

The new Loomis express international waybill saves you time for shipping with a cost below $1,250 U.S. as it combines everything into one Invoice. If however, your shipping exceeds this amount then you would need a separate commercial invoice. There is no stamps needed for international shipping. All the supplies you need from stickers to labels, either for domestic or international can be provided by Loomis.

When the package is ready to ship, find a drop-off point where you can leave your package. To find a drop-off point use the Loomis drop-off locator. Click on a province and it shows all the drop-off points in that province.

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