2020 Peak Surcharges for UPS, FedEx, Dicom, DHL, Purolator, and other carriers

The holiday season – Black Friday to just after Christmas – is the busiest time of year for shipping. During this peak period, carriers are flooded with an increased volume of gifts and parcels shipped worldwide to families and friends. As an example, UPS typically ships 60% more parcels at the end of the holiday season compared to a normal day.

To handle the annual increased demands all carriers charge Peak Period Surcharges during the Christmas shipping season. 

But 2020, as we are all aware, is a year like no other. For various reasons, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused residential shipping volumes to soar to peak volume levels on a regular basis. And it shows no signs of abating.

With the holiday season fast approaching, shipping volumes will surge to unprecedented levels. And that will make it ever more demanding to get your shipment into the hands of your family without delay or worry. 

To deal with the COVID surge of shipping, a number of carriers have already implemented Peak Period Surcharges, and others will do so soon. 

Carriers are using Peak Period Surcharges to:

  • Add to their capacity – trucks, personnel, and planes
  • Cope with cancelled flights – pay for longer, indirect routes
  • Make alternate delivery arrangements – purchase extra air-flight cargo space
  • Adjust to increased operating costs – overtime, storage, safety procedures

Surcharges vary according to carrier and level of service. The table below shows some sample surcharges and their effective dates.

Further details for each carrier can be found by clicking FedEx, UPS, DHL, Purolator, Dicom, and Canpar.


Sample Surcharges

Effective Dates


Additional Handling Surcharge – $6 per package.

Oversize Package - additional $50 per package.

From Oct. 5, 2020 till Jan. 17, 2021


Emergency Situation Surcharge – €2.50 for packages weighing 2.51 kg - 30 kg

Since Apr. 1, 2020


Over Maximum Size - additional $450 per package.

Large Package - additional $50.

Additional Handling - additional $5.

From Oct. 5, 2020 till Jan. 17


Peak Season Surcharge – $0.49 per package

From Oct. 5, 2020 till Jan. 17, 2021


All Worldwide Express services – $0.33/kg CAD

Over Maximum Size - additional $450 per package.

Large Package - additional $50.

Additional Handling - additional $4.

Since Apr. 12, 2020

We at Secureship are sorry to be the bearer of bad news. COVID has been no fun for anyone. 
About the author: Dan Allard

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