How much does it cost to courier from Canada to India?

How much does it cost to courier from Canada to India?

for a country such as India, which is a many-day journey for a parcel from Canada, the costs could be shockingly expensive.

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by Paul Bourque

Dec 28, 2023

Key Points

  • Major Factors - Cost hinges on courier, travel time, parcel size, and weight; surface transport is slow but economical, while couriers offer faster but pricier options.
  • Other Costs - Beware oversize fees, peak season surcharges, and potential extras for Saturday services, fuel, residential delivery, handling, and insurance.
  • Secureship Advantage - Save up to 50% with Secureship's intuitive platform, ensuring easy tracking and significant savings for international and domestic shipments.
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How much does it cost to courier from Canada to India?

The answer to this question depends upon numerous factors that vary widely based on which courier is selected, to the size and weight of the parcel, the speed of its delivery, and the time of the year when shipping occurs. And for a country such as India, which is a many-day journey for a parcel from Canada, the costs could be shockingly expensive.

This blog will explain the major factors that affect parcel shipping rates; describe other important elements that could contribute to your shipping costs; and introduce you to Secureship, who for many years has helped its clients ship domestically and internationally for far less.

Table of Contents

  • Major Factors Affecting Shipping Rates
  • Other Shipping Costs
  • Secureship
  • Conclusion

Major Factors Affecting Shipping Rates

Courier rates for a parcel sent from Canada to India vary slightly dependent upon the company and the package’s travel time. If time is of lesser importance, then you may wish to consider using surface transport (sea freight), which is available through Canada Post. The major downside, however, is the 1 to 3 month delivery time.

Courier’s, on the other hand, charge more but the parcel will take anywhere from three to 15 business days to arrive in the recipient’s hands in India.

Package size

There is no surprise in stating that a heavier parcel will cost more to ship anywhere. But a larger box with the same weight could also increase the shipping fee, and it’s because of what is called billable weight.

Couriers calculate billable weight by multiplying the length, width, and height of the box, and then divide the result by 139 (if they used Imperial measurements).

The calculated number is compared to the actual weight, and the billable weight is the larger of the two. Which means that if you were to ship one pound of popcorn, it would cost more than one pound of butter.

Oversize fee

Containers over a specific weight and size will incur an oversize fee, which for UPS (see page 139) is 68 kilograms or longer than 2.74 metres. The current oversize fee that UPS applies to such shipments is $1,100 CAD.

Time of year

Certain times of the year, Christmas in particular, will see an inevitable increase of shipping fees. If you can arrange shipments before or after this period, which typically starts on November 1stand runs until mid-January of the new year, you could avoid extra expenses. And for oversized containers, the UPS surcharge during peak shipping times is $1,550 CAD.

Other Shipping Costs

Other lesser known shipping costs may include Saturday services, fuel surcharge, residential delivery, additional handling, and insurance.

Saturday services

Parcel shipping or receiving on a Saturday will invoke a fee.

So, unless this service is absolutely necessary, declining Saturday delivery or pickup will avoid this charge.

Fuel surcharge

The fuel surcharge is calculated as a fixed charge of the shipping rate, which fluctuates with oil prices. And there is little that can be done to avoid this fee.

Residential delivery

It may cost you extra for parcel delivery to the recipient’s residence. One way of skirting this fee is to arrange for the parcel to be held at the courier’s outlet or have it delivered to his or her place of work.

Additional handling

A handling fee will be applied when the container is made from plastic, steel, or wood in lieu of a cardboard box. So, if at all possible, use cardboard to circumvent this charge.


Many people worry about parcel loss or damage as it travels overseas. For them, insurance provides peace of mind. However, not all items can be insured – jewellery, liquids, and personal belongings are a few notable examples.

Should you take out insurance, be advised that the items need to be shipped according to the ISTA 3A packaging standard. If not, then the courier’s insurance coverage will be voided.


No matter if you are shipping a personal parcel or on behalf of a business, Secureship can save you up to 50% whether you are shipping from Canada to India, or elsewhere internationally, or domestically.And shipments through Secureship come with full, easy to read tracking information, so you will always know where the parcel is and whether it is on time.


While the major factors to shipping costs are the parcel’s weight, size, and distance to destination, there are a handful of other potential lesser known shipping fees. They include: oversize fee; time of year; Saturday services; residential delivery; additional handling; and insurance.

But remember, Secureship’s intuitive online tool will guide you through the intricacies of international shipping, and not only are we a time-saver, but as importantly, you will save money.

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About Secureship

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