How long does it take for Canada Post to deliver to New Zealand?

How long does it take for Canada Post to deliver to New Zealand?

Canada Post delivers mail and parcels worldwide to 190-plus nations and territories.

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by Paul Bourque

Feb 15, 2024

Key Points

  • Delivery time- surface delivery takes 4-12 weeks, air freight takes 4-12 days.
  • Parcel packing- use new boxes, bubble wrap, adhere to ISTA 3A standards.
  • Paperwork- commercial invoice, shipping label, packing list, COO, B13a.
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How long does it take for Canada Post to deliver to New Zealand?

Canada Post delivers mail and parcels worldwide to 190-plus nations and territories, which includes New Zealand. Because of New Zealand’s far distance from Canada, Canada Post’s surface delivery service could take a parcel 4 - 12 weeks to arrive at its destination. However, by selecting air freight, delivery times are reduced to 4 - 12 days.

But international shipping requires more decisions than when you want the parcel to arrive. Parcels need to be packed to endure the rigours of handling and transportation, nations demand paperwork before goods enter their country, and there are fees – duties, taxes, and lesser known costs. All of this may seem overwhelming to the uninitiated, but this blog will clarify those details and introduce you to Secureship, whose online platform will save you time and money when shipping anywhere in the world.

Table of Contents

  • Parcel Packing and Paperwork
  • Lesser Known Shipping Costs
  • How Secureship Can Help You
  • Conclusion

Parcel Packing and Paperwork

Parcel packing

Parcels may endure a lot of abuse during their long voyages – jostling and dropping and being piled upon by a stack of others.

To give the shipped items the best chance of arriving undamaged, we suggest you follow the three main suggestions below.

  1. Breakable goods should be encased separately in bubble wrap or use packing peanuts to keep them well apart; arrange each item at least five centimetres from all others and that same distance from all of the box’s walls, including top and bottom.
  2. Place the goods in a new, unused box. Used boxes may have lost half of their rated strength from only one trip.
  3. Seal the box with special-purpose packing tape; duct tape, masking tape, string, and rope are insufficient to the task.

And if the contents have been insured against damage or loss, it is particularly important to have conformed to ISTA 3A packaging standards otherwise insurance will be voided.


Goods entering a foreign country require specific documents or they may be returned to Canada.

Some prescribed documents for parcels entering New Zealand include:

  1. Commercial Invoice (CI): The CI is equivalent to a parcel’s passport as there is no entry to a foreign nation without it. CIs describe the goods and their values, which allow the correct duties, taxes, and fees to be levied upon them.
  2. Shipping Label: This piece of paper contains the recipient’s name and address as well as the sender’s; and it identifies the courier employed for the parcel’s transportation and delivery.
  3. Packing list: This is only necessary when shipping personal effects. It is a list with the description and quantity of goods in the consignment.
  4. Certificate of Origin (COO): This proves that an item was produced or processed in Canada, and under the preferential trade agreement between the two countries, it allows a reduced duty rate when that item enters New Zealand.
  5. B13a: A shipment valued at greater than $2,000 USD (or if the goods are a controlled substance) requires this form.

Lesser Known Shipping Fees

The major cost of shipping is the distance a parcel travels and its weight and size, which one typically has little control over. But there are other lesser known shipping fees that could increase your costs; however, some of them can be avoided.

Residential delivery

There could be an extra fee for residential delivery, so to evade this expense you could ship the parcel to the recipient’s workplace or have them pick it up at the courier’s local office.

Saturday services

Pickup or dropoff of a parcel on Saturdays could cost you. If either is not essential to you or the recipient, consider resting on Saturdays and save money in the process.

Additional handling

This fee is applied when the container is made from something other than a cardboard box – steel, wood, or plastic. So, depending on what you are shipping, this charge should be easy to avoid.

Fuel surcharge

Unlike the aforementioned fees, the fuel surcharge cannot be dodged. It is calculated as a fixed percentage of the shipping cost and varies with changing international oil prices.

How Secureship Can Help You

Secureship is a Canadian shipping broker with 15-plus years of helping its customers arrange shipments from Canada to New Zealand, and indeed anywhere overseas or within Canada itself.

Secureship’s online tool is easy to use and guides you through the shipping process. And best of all, you benefit from our bulk buying power, which could save you up to 50% of your shipping costs.


Canada Post certainly delivers letters and parcels from its Canadian customers to New Zealand, and it offers both surface and air transportation options. But regardless of which option you choose, parcels require attention to other details – packing contents for a safe arrival; completing paperwork; and deciding whether to pay for special pickup or delivery services. Secureship can help you with all your shipping needs whether it is for personal or professional reasons. Its online, intuitive platform guides you through the documents process and because of its bulk buying power with Canada Post and other well known international couriers such as Purolator, FedEx, and UPS, your costs could be slashed by up to 50%.

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About Secureship

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