How much does it cost to courier from Canada to Australia?

How much does it cost to courier from Canada to Australia?

Australia’s distance from Canada and the parcel’s weight are the two key factors that dictate a shipment’s cost of transit.

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by Paul Bourque

Mar 18, 2024

Key Points

  • Surface freight may save time but increase costs.
  • Box size and weight affect shipping expenses.
  • Additional charges like fuel surcharge and oversize fee.
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How much does it cost to courier from Canada to Australia?

To answer this question, one must consider various factors such as, the parcel’s weight and size; how quickly it travels to Australia; whether it is shipped during high season; and finally, which carrier is selected for the job. And since Australia is very far from Canada, you may be surprised how expensive shipping a parcel there can be.

The following blog explains the key factors influencing parcel shipping rates to Australia or anywhere in general; describes some smaller and perhaps lesser known shipping costs; and it introduces you to Secureship, a shipping broker with 15-plus years of helping its clients find economical choices for their shipping needs.

Table of Contents

  • Key Factors Contributing to Shipping Rates
  • Smaller Shipping Costs
  • Secureship
  • Conclusion

Key Factors Contributing to Shipping Rates

One way to save money on overseas shipping is to use surface freight, but that could take your parcel anywhere from one to three months to arrive in Australia. Therefore, most people select courier air freight services, which reduces the travel time from three to 15 days, and consequently increases the cost. But there are other factors that contribute to shipping expenses.

Box size

Heavier parcels, understandably, incur higher shipping fees, but so may using a larger box for the same weight of contents. And it’s all due to the parcel’s billable weight.

Billable weight is calculated by first multiplying the box’s height, width, and length; then dividing that number by 139 (when using Imperial measurements, which most couriers use; 5,000 if using metric measurements). The resulting number is compared to the parcel’s actual weight, and whichever is bigger determines the shipping fee.

To put it into different terms: A pillow would cost more to ship than an equally weighted brick. So if at all possible, use a smaller box to save shipping costs.

Oversize fee

If your box were to be larger than 2.74 m or heavier than 68 kg, it would be liable to an oversize fee. Which if shipping with UPS, that fee would currently be $1,100 CAD. And should that shipment occur from November 1st until mid-January, a peak shipping season, the oversize fee would climb to $1,500 CAD.

Smaller Shipping Costs

There exist smaller shipping costs that are sometimes hidden, mandatory, or extras, and thus avoidable.

Fuel surcharge

The fuel surcharge is a percentage of the total shipping fee, and will be stated if you look for it. Regardless, it is an unavoidable component of shipping and it may change due to the rise and fall of oil prices.

Additional handling

This fee arises when non-cardboard containers are used – metal, plastic, or wood. So, depending on the nature of your shipment, most times you will be able to dodge this cost.

Saturday services

While this can be very convenient for the shipper or receiver, scheduling a pickup or dropoff on a Saturday has a fee. And it is one that can be evaded unless it is absolutely necessary for one of the two parties involved.

Residential delivery

Similar to Saturday services, it may cost extra for parcel delivery to a residence. So, one strategy to sidestep this charge is to have the parcel held at the courier’s office for the receiver to pick up or send it to their office.


Purchasing parcel insurance is an option, and particularly when concerns about damaged or lost parcels mean a significant financial loss. But certain goods are uninsurable – artwork, hazardous materials, breakables, and currencies, to name a few. If you do decide to insure your parcel, be sure to follow the industry’s packaging standards otherwise insurance coverage may be voided should damage occur.


Whether you are shipping from Canada to Australia or anywhere else in the world, Secureship can help you save time and money. Our online, intuitive platform will guide you smoothly through the steps and paperwork required for an international shipment. As well, because of our bulk buying power with noted carriers – Purolator, UPS, FedEx, you could save up to 50% on your shipments. Finally, we provide up-to-date tracking information of the parcel, so you are aware of where the parcel is and if any issues have arisen.


Australia’s distance from Canada and the parcel’s weight are the two key factors that dictate a shipment’s cost of transit. However, there are a host of smaller shipping costs – some avoidable and others not – which contribute to shipping fees. They include: oversize fee, fuel surcharge, additional handling, Saturday services, residential delivery, and insurance. But remember Secureship, a very experienced Canadian shipping broker that can make shipping parcels far easier and much less expensive than going it alone.

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About Secureship

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