You've spent hundreds of man hours getting your RFP ready. If it's delivered even 1 min late, all that time and money goes to waste and you're no longer eligible to win that big contract. So how do you ensure your RFP gets delivered on time once you've shipped it? [Read More]

Whereas a trapeze artist uses a safety net for protection, what are my options when sending something I consider valuable to ensure against damage and/or loss? Is insurance my safety net? [Read More]

Have you ever gone to ship something and hesitated? Have you stood in line at the post office around Christmas time and felt cheap as you looked around at the other people with their pretty boxes all wrapped in nice brown paper ready for the receiver to rip off in one excited motion? [Read More]

When someone says, “Let’s talk shipping!” do you get pumped? Probably not, ‘eh? How about when someone says, “Let’s talk about your vacation!” There, now that’s better right? [Read More]

Last week’s blog post was so popular we thought we’d do more digging here at Secureship to further investigate ways to save your hard-earned money [Read More]

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Jul 21
Shipping News
Ever stay up late at night thinking all things shipping? Me either. [Read More]