How to ship a package from Canada to India

How to ship a package from Canada to India

There are numerous small details to monitor and it takes a lot of time to compare carriers to find the best option for you or your business.

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by Paul Bourque

Dec 14, 2023

Key Points

  • Secure Packaging - ISTA 3A standards ensure insurance validity for safe transit.
  • Choose Wisely - Consider courier options; Secureship streamlines decisions, saving time.
  • Paperwork Precision - Commercial Invoice is vital; Secureship assists to avoid surprises.
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How to ship a package from Canada to India.

Shipping packages can be an expensive and intricate process. There are numerous small details to monitor and it takes a lot of time to compare carriers to find the best option for you or your business. This is true even if the parcel’s destination is domestic, but it is certainly more complicated if the parcel is destined internationally. And India, if only because of its distance from Canada, is no different.

While international shipping may present many challenges and seem overwhelming, this blog aims to simplify and clarify how to ship a package from Canada to India. It will cover: how to prepare the parcel; choose a carrier; deal with paperwork; and have the shipment leave your hands for its destination.

Table of Contents

  • Preparing the parcel for shipment
  • Choosing the shipping service
  • Preparing the paperwork
  • Arranging parcel pickup

Preparing the Parcel for Shipment

Secure packaging is quite important when your parcel is insured. If the package does not conform to ISTA 3A packaging standards, any insurance will be void. However, insured or not, who wants their valuable goods damaged in transit? So, the following suggestions will see your package arrive safe and sound.

A parcel in transit may be dropped, bumped, or incur a variety of collisions. So, use a new, strong box for your shipment rather than a previously shipped box, which may have lost up to 50% of its original strength.

Next, wrap individual items separately in bubble wrap or use packaging peanuts. Leave at least 5 cm between items and 5 cm between the items and the box’s bottom, top, and walls. Finally, secure the box with proper packing tape only – string, rope, duct tape or masking tape are all unsuitable for the rigours of courier transportation.

Choosing the Shipping Service

Once the box is ready for transport, the choice of a courier follows. In Canada, you can choose from Purolator, DHL, FedEx, UPS and a host of others. And they all provide several delivery options – each a compromise between speed of delivery and its cost.

Simply put: The sooner a parcel arrives at its destination, the pricier the shipment.

Secureship can help you simplify that decision making process and that saves you heaps of time. Time better spent running your business or simply relaxing.

Preparing the Paperwork

A key piece of paperwork for your shipment from Canada to India is the Commercial Invoice (CI). All international shipments require a commercial invoice because without it, your parcel won’t enter the destination country. A commercial invoice explains to customs officials what exactly you are shipping (gifts, commercial samples, sold goods, etc.), and enables them to assess the appropriate duties and VAT (value added tax). Wrong or incomplete information will cause a shipping delay, or the parcel’s return to Canada, and perhaps even some fines. Again, Secureship can help you through this critical step to ensure your shipment arrives at its destination as planned and without any surprises.

Of course, other small yet important details also need to be clearly displayed on the parcel to ensure its smooth and certain delivery to its recipient. Particularly the sender’s address and telephone number are needed in the event of return or a problem with the delivery.

And obviously, double-check that the recipient’s complete name and address are included along with the postal code.

Arranging Parcel Pickup

At this point, you may choose to trot down to the courier’s outlet to drop off the parcel. Or, let a broker help you arrange for the courier service to pick up the package at your door – business or home – on the day and at the time convenient to you. Someone simply needs to be there to hand it over, which puts your time towards more productive purposes. And it simply takes a few keystrokes to organise it.


There are four basic steps to prepare a package for shipping from Canada to India. The first one is to pack the contents in a strong, new box. Second, wrap each item in bubble wrap, and leave a minimum of 5 cm between each of them and each wall of the box. Then, seal the box only with recommended packing tape – no duct or masking tape.

Next, you need to decide how urgent the delivery is and what your budget allows for the job. This will determine which courier you choose – remember, Secureship can save you time and money getting this part of the job done.

Of critical importance for a parcel heading overseas to India is the paperwork, specifically completing the Commercial Invoice. This quasi-legal document enables foreign customs to process the shipment and easily assess all applicable taxes and fees.

Finally, you can either take the parcel to the courier’s outlet or arrange for them to come to your door and take the parcel away en route to India.

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