How much does it cost to ship from Canada to India?

How much does it cost to ship from Canada to India?

The cost of shipping from Canada to India depends on numerous factors.

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by Paul Bourque

Dec 21, 2023

Key Points

  • Shipping Variables - Distance, weight, size, shipping method, and service level affect costs.
  • Insurance and Duties - Consider shipping insurance and duties based on customs value for India.
  • Secureship Assistance - Secureship helps plan shipping options, saving costs.
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How much does it cost to ship from Canada to India?

The cost of shipping from Canada to India depends on numerous factors. The major variables include: destination (local versus international); what is being shipped (from documents to commercial samples and sold goods and everything in between); the parcel’s size and weight; the selected shipping method; and finally, the level of service. There may also be other smaller, yet no less important costs to shipments. The contents may require insurance and will likely incur other fees such as storage charges, and certainly duties and taxes.

This article explains the major and minor costs for parcel shipments from Canada to India. The principles are applicable to both personal and commercial shipments, and with proper planning you or your business will be able to pick the best shipping options that suit your budget. And Secureship is very experienced and very willing to help you do that.

Table of Contents

  • Major Cost Factors to Shipping from Canada to India
  • Other Shipping Costs
  • Duties and Taxes
  • Conclusion

Major Cost Factors to Shipping from Canada to India

Distance is likely the major cost factor that affects shipping. And as India is very far from Canada, the cost of shipping even a modest parcel may surprise you. Also, if the destination is a small town far away from a major centre (say Mumbai or New Delhi), then expect higher shipping costs.

The weight and size of the parcel also has a significant impact on shipping costs. For example, a Documents Only package could cost $82 CAD to ship from Canada to India while a small box of 5 kg could cost $274 CAD.

Your choice of shipping method also plays a role in costs. Sea freight is the least expensive, but takes the longest time – perhaps months, while air freight and courier services significantly reduce the parcel’s travel time (from 3 to 5 days), yet cost more.

The level of service selected will add another element to shipping costs. The sooner a parcel arrives at its destination, the higher the cost; and then which courier selected also adds another variable to the cost. Some of the popular courier companies available to Canadian shippers include Canada Post, Canpar, FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

The different levels of service that a few of those couriers provide include:

  • Canada Post – International Parcel Air
  • Purolator – Express
  • FedEx – International Priority
  • UPS – Expedited and Express Saver

Other Shipping Costs

Shipping insurance provides peace of mind in the event your parcel is lost or damaged in transit. However, not all goods are insurable – liquids, jewellery, and personal belongings to name a few.

So, when you take out insurance for your parcel, be sure to package them according to the ISTA 3A packaging standard, otherwise the shipper’s insurance will be unavailable.

Duties and Taxes

Duties on goods entering India from Canada are calculated on the CIF value of the shipment (customs value plus insurance costs plus freight expenses). Duty rates can be as high as 150% on spirits and wines to 10% on Documents though most items incur a 22% duty charge.

Goods admitted to India will also be liable to VAT (Value Added Tax – akin to the GST in Canada). The rate can range from 28% on durable goods to 5% on medicines.

The following link will provide specific details regarding duty and VAT charges on shipments from Canada to India.


There are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of shipping from Canada to India. The most significant is India’s long distance from Canada, but the size and weight of the parcel are also major components to shipping expenses. As well, a package shipped by sea freight could be economical, but take months to reach its destination. Air service or courier shipments reduce transit time to days, but of course, demand higher prices. And not all courier companies provide the same level of service, which is reflected in their fees.

Finally, people often forget that shipping across international borders will likely trigger customs duties and other costs such as Value Added Tax (VAT) or less frequently a GST. And if you want to insure your shipped goods against lost or transit damage, then those costs also come into play when considering the total charges for shipping goods from Canada to India.

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