How much does FedEx charge to ship from Canada to India?

How much does FedEx charge to ship from Canada to India?

India is at minimum a multi-day journey away from Canada, which is a key factor in the cost of shipping – distance

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by Paul Bourque

Jan 02, 2024

Key Points

  • FedEx Speed Options - Choose sea freight or FedEx for rapid delivery; 3 days for priority, 5 days for economical to major Indian cities.
  • Weight and Size Impact - Larger and heavier parcels cost more; billable weight calculation can make large but light parcels expensive. Oversize fees apply.
  • Secureship Benefits - Cut shipping costs up to 50% with Secureship's platform; user-friendly experience, guides, and support for international shipping.
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How much does FedEx charge to ship from Canada to India?

The amount FedEx charges to ship a parcel from Canada to India is subject to a range of variables that makes it difficult to answer this question in one sentence. India is at minimum a multi-day journey away from Canada, which is a key factor in the cost of shipping – distance. And of course, bigger and heavier parcels will incur an increased shipping rate, as does choosing a quicker time to the destination.

So, parcel shipments from Canada to India are expensive. But Secureship can help you lessen your shipping costs and guide you through the multi-step process of international shipping. As well, our website has a wealth of information on a range of topics to help you send parcels domestically, to India, or anywhere abroad.

Table of Contents

  • Shipping with FedEx
  • Parcel Size and Weight
  • How Secureship Can Help You
  • Conclusion

Shipping with FedEx

The simplest way to save shipping fees is to send your parcel by sea freight using Canada Post though this could mean a delivery time from one to three months.

On the other hand, FedEx can offer much speedier deliveries through its fleet of 660-plus aircraft. This internationally recognized carrier can ensure that your parcels and documents-only envelopes arrive at one of India’s 16 clearance cities within days.

Specifically, their priority shipping service will get a parcel to a major Indian centre in three business days; and economical service can do it in five business days.

However, if the recipient lives in a small town or village hundreds of kilometres from a big city, then expect delivery times to be extended by several days. And of course, this will result in an increased shipping cost.

Parcel Weight and Size

We are stating the obvious by telling you that a heavier and bigger parcel costs more to ship. While there is usually little one can do to reduce the weight of a parcel, its size has a curious effect on costs and if it is very large, be prepared for an oversize fee.

Billable weight

Carriers determine the billable weight of a shipment by firstly calculating its volume (length x width x height). If they used Imperial units, this number is then divided by 139. Next, the new number is compared to the actual weight of the parcel; whichever is greater, is the billable weight and dictates the shipping cost.

The consequence of billable weight is that a light, large parcel could cost more to ship than an equally weighted smaller one. Think of shipping a pillow versus a book.

Oversize fee

Containers over a specific size and weight will incur an oversize fee. For example, UPS (see page 139) will currently charge customers $1,100 CAD for shipping a parcel heavier than 68 kilograms or 2.74 metres or longer.

And if that shipment is occurring during a peak period, like Christmastime, UPS boosts the fee to $1,550 CAD (as of 2023).

How Secureship Can Help You

Whether you have shipped parcels internationally dozens of times or you are a shipping novice, Secureship’s online, intuitive platform clears the hassles and reduces your shipping costs up to 50%.

In addition, our website provides customer support in our Country Shipping Guides that provide a comprehensive overview of customs rules for many different types of goods, restricted and prohibited items, and duties and taxes for shipping goods to India and 130-plus other countries.

You will also find a Learning Centre, which contains short articles on a variety of topics like:

  • Preventing package loss
  • Your packaging responsibilities
  • Reducing the risk of parcel delays
  • What is a commercial invoice?
  • Duties and taxes explained

And finally, there is a Help Centre with a Guru bot at the ready to answer more than 5,000 questions.


The shipping charge for a parcel sent from Canada to India by FedEx or any other carrier is a variable based upon the parcel’s travel time to the recipient and its weight and size.

Regarding size, containers heavier than 68 kilograms and longer than 2.74 metres will incur a substantial oversize fee, which may encourage you to repackage the goods in smaller boxes if feasible.

Finally, you do not have to rely on yourself to figure out the most economical choice to ship a parcel or the ins and outs of international shipping rules and requirements. That’s Secureship’s forte, and we have years of experience saving our customers time and money.

About Secureship

About Secureship

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