How much does it cost to ship from Canada to New Zealand?

How much does it cost to ship from Canada to New Zealand?

New Zealand is more than 10,000 kilometres from anywhere in Canada, and that is the major cost factor for shipments bound for Kiwi-land.

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by Paul Bourque

Apr 01, 2024

Key Points

  • Shipping to New Zealand is costly due to distance, weight, and delivery urgency.
  • Additional expenses include insurance, special handling, and duties.
  • Secureship assists in parcel prep, courier selection, and cost reduction.
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How much does it cost to ship from Canada to New Zealand?

New Zealand is more than 10,000 kilometres from anywhere in Canada, and that is the major cost factor for shipments bound for Kiwi-land. However, other significant variables influence shipping fees – the parcel’s weight, shipping method, and the courier’s level of service. As well, there are other smaller potential fees and charges that could add to the total cost of shipping from Canada to New Zealand – insurance, handling, and duties and taxes, to name a few.

This blog explores those costs for parcel shipments in general, whether for commercial or private purposes, to New Zealand or anywhere worldwide. But you need not tackle this task by yourself. Secureship brings its 15-plus years of experience to help you find the most economical choices for your shipping requirements; and we offer a range of support to answer your shipping questions, all of which are easily available from your computer screen.

Table of Contents

  • What a Shipment to New Zealand May Cost
  • Other Potential Shipping Fees
  • Duties and Taxes
  • Conclusion

What a Shipment to New Zealand May Cost

As noted, New Zealand is a long way from Canada, which makes shipping parcels there surprisingly expensive. Consider a small box weighing a modest five kilograms. Depending on how soon it needs to arrive in Auckland, it could cost upwards of $477 CAD for a delivery time of five business days. However, by delaying its arrival by two business days, and switching carriers, that same parcel delivery would cost $174 CAD. Nevertheless, still a hefty sum.

For comparison purposes, a 500-g documents-only envelope would range in cost from $55 CAD – $277 CAD with similar arrival times. Then, if your shipment is bound for a smaller community far away from Auckland or starts in a remote Canadian town hundred of kilometres from a major city, prices will be even higher. The point is clear: Shipping to New Zealand could be a major cost to your business or personal finances.

Other Potential Shipping Fees

You may think that your shipping costs end with payment to the courier, but there are other potential fees that could add to the overall cost of shipping a parcel overseas.


For valuable parcels, insurance provides peace of mind should your shipment become lost or damaged in transit. But for insurance to be valid, it is important that the goods are wrapped to an international standard (ISTA 3A). Essentially, that means use bubble wrap or package peanuts and ensure all items are a minimum of five centimetres from each other and each of the six walls of the box.

Also be advised that a number of goods are uninsurable, such as:

  • Jewellery and similar valuables
  • Glass or ceramic objects (and other breakables)
  • Artwork and antiques
  • Personal items and liquids

And there could be other goods that will not qualify for insurance, so it is best to check with your carrier before arranging shipping.

Special handling

Shipping containers other than a cardboard box – plastic, wood, metal – will incur a handling fee. So, unless it is absolutely essential for your goods to travel in a non-traditional box, this is one way to avoid this extra fee.

Duties and Taxes

Goods entering a foreign country typically will be liable to duties and taxes, and it is no different when shipping to New Zealand. And while duties and taxes are usually incurred by the recipient, they nevertheless have an impact on the overall costs of shipping.

As New Zealand and Canada are both members of the trade agreement amongst 12 Pacific Ocean nations (CPTPP), many goods entering New Zealand from Canada have a 0% duty. And a host of others incur only a 5% duty (candy and chocolate, furniture, perfume, toys). Not surprisingly, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products have a much higher and variable set of duties.

New Zealand has a form of a value added tax, which like Canada they refer to it as a GST. At a rate of 15%, it is applied to virtually all goods that enter the country from overseas.


The cost to ship even a modest parcel to New Zealand from Canada can be rather pricey, in large measure because of the substantial distance between the two countries. However, the weight and size of the parcel is also an important factor in shipping as is how quickly you want the shipment to arrive at its destination and which courier you select to deliver it. But your shipment could be subject to other fees – insurance, special handling, duties and taxes, and a host of others.

And that’s where Secureship can be of great service to you. We navigate the steps of parcel and paperwork preparation, which saves you time; and our bulk buying power with a number of well known couriers (Purolator, FedEx, UPS) will save you heaps of cash.

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About Secureship

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